Cheese The Queen

Probiotic with a Gourmet Taste!

Cultured nut products made by hand with wholesome love and cruelty-free passion.
From 100% cashews with long ageing process.


Organic Certified

Our organic products are certified
BG-BIO-16 EU/Non-EU-Agriculture

Why it is so darn awesome?

Cheese The Queen

Once upon a time (not so far away) a mysterious lady of royal blood was born: Cheese the Queen. From her very first breath, she knew her purpose: To reimagine the way the world enjoys cheese.

Welcome to the foodie evolution: Gourmet artisanal tree nut cheeze! We wish to give the world a (delicious) slice of plant-based goodness, promoting great taste and even better health.

Behind our dream, there is a sustainable know-how developed in our factory. We still use authentic production methods and hand-make everything, however, our laboratory tests provide all-important security and reassurance in knowing that everything is fully tested, naturally matured, and loaded with millions of Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Lactobacillus Bulgaricus  – delivering flavor explosions and encouraging superior health. Seeing as our product is aging naturally, it only become stronger, healthier and tastier with time.

Take a bite of Cheese the Queen, and you are guaranteed top delicasy made with love, passion and care. Delight your senses and celebrate healthy food with your friends and family. Long live the Queen!

The Queen’s products

Wouldn’t life be boring if we were in the same mood day after day?

Cheese The Queen

The Queen agrees. Her feelings are always fluctuating, and with every new day, she has a new story to tell.

Regardless, each of her creations is made with the utmost love, passion and care.

Three moods. One result: Fabulous flavor fusions!


The Queen in an excellent mood

Classic taste.
The Queen’s mornings.

Cheese The Queen
Cheese the Queen Български производител на ядково веган сирене с пробиотична закваска и гурме вкус

The word “classic” exists for a reason. This customer favorite is fabulously fermented, rich and full of flavor; a mouth-watering cheese alternative that’s free from lactose, gluten and soy. No bad stuff. Only the good stuff, bringing mother nature’s menu to you.

When the sun rises at dawn, the Queen is fabulously fermented, rich and full of flavor. She is the epitome of a mouth-watering cheese. In her kingdom, lactose is banished; as is gluten and soy. She hates the bad stuff. Only the good stuff. All hail the Queen!


The Queen in a wild mood

Green Pepper & Chives.
The Queen’s afternoons.

Cheese The Queen

This particular delicasy is full of surprises. Firm on the outside yet soft and creamy on the inside, it’s fresh yet tangy…bold yet subtle. Uniquely blended with chives and dusted with fresh green pepper, this cheese adds a new dimension to every plate, for every palette.

It’s a long, hard day for the Queen, and the afternoon is her time to go wild. She enjoys green pepper and chives that are both bold and fresh. They’re her loyal sidekicks. She saunters around her palace, savoring the flavor of her delicious life.


The Queen in an inspiring mood

Turmeric & Smoky Pepper.
The Queen’s nights.

Cheese The Queen
Cheese the Queen Български производител на ядково веган сирене с пробиотична закваска и гурме вкус

Looking for more of a kick? A way to satisfy your bold appetite? Look no further than our yellow-aged bliss; offering an extra tangy, sharp alternative. We love it, and know you will too. Made by hand with love, passion and a love for the true big C!

When the sun sets at dusk, the Queen is on the hunt for a night-time kick. Her insatiable appetite runs rampant, as she searches for more exotic spices and smoky pepper. When she finds them, she feels the spark. It’s tangy. Sharp. It’s her happily ever after for the day.


The Queen in all her moods

Classic | Green | Yellow
The Queen from dawn till dusk.

Cheese The Queen
Дегустационен сет: три вкуса ядково веган сирене с пробиотична закваска

Some say the best things in life come in threes – and from trees!

Threes the charm with the 3 moods of the Queen thoroughly packed in our degustation box.

Share the crown with pride!

Cheese The Queen

Naturally, the Queen is always in a different mood. Who knows what the future holds!

We also do custom-made flavours, special menus and tasting table for restaurants and events.

The story

Behind every fairytale, lies a true story.

Cheese The Queen

Vera Tinkova, the mind behind Cheese the Queen, has been inspired by delicious food and a holistic lifestyle for as long as she can remember. Self-care has always been a priority for Vera, and after years of jet-setting and indulging in varying global cuisines and raw food academies, she was inspired to create a product that combined a gourmet taste with holistic properties.

Hence, Cheese the Queen was born.

So; Vera together with her friends and partners Hristina and Boyan went on to create pure products that feature probiotic qualities and the renowned cheese taste, while being free from lactose. Hence; Cheese the Queen products are 100% plant-based; made from tasty cashews, probiotic cultures, herbs and spices. Innovation lies at each product’s core, relying on the authentic Bulgarian tradition of fermentation.

Good food is like a good fairytale…

Cheese The Queen

Good food is like a good fairytale. Before it can reach your belly (and ultimately, its happy ending) it has a long story to tell. Cheese the Queen is the epitome of good food, and oh, does she relish in healthy treats! Together with the Queen, we believe in shaping a more sustainable and healthy gourmet culture through delicious, wholesome food that’s organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and handmade with care.

Where to find our products?

Cheese The Queen

Our favourite restaurants in Sofia

Restaurant Soul Kitchen
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13 Kokiche str., Sofia, Bulgaria

Café Parallel 43
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192 Vitosha blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria

You can find Cheese the Queen in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and more to come.
We also ship to everywhere.
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