Tea and cheese, please


Tea and cheese, please! says the Queen. The eternal union Wine & Cheese rises to a new level touched by the Queen's good habits and Drekka's refined tea selection. Indulge your senses and crown your taste buds on the 10th of March at Drekka 11-18h | 60 Gladstone str., Sofia | requires tickets | limited availability  

The Queen lifts the curtains


We are showing some pictures from the multi-course tasting dinner we have created with Soul Kitchen! Flavour explosions of different cheeses, beautifully aged and paired with wines from South France! It was more than a great end of 2017th (Queen's way). Lend an ear for the next one!

  • Queen the Christmas multicourse tasting dinner

Queen the Christmas: multicourse tasting dinner


The Queen is hosting a very special multi-course dinner with 6 specially created tastes of cheeses in different stage it aging, beautifully paired from experienced sommelier with wines from South France and amazingly set in tasting menu from the main chef of Restaurant Soul Kitchen - Elina Petrova | Dec.18 | Only with pre-booking | limited number of places.

  • Taste the Queen Degustation Plate at Cafe Parallel43

Taste the Queen Degustation Plate at Cafe Parallel43


Dec.13 | 19.00h The Queen is participating a delicious plate of flavors. The 3 Cheese the Queen tastes heavenly paired with homemade jams from the authentic recipes of Plants&Friends, artisanal bread from Cafe Parallel43 and Christmas beer with pine needles&ginger! Celebrate the taste with the Queen! Hurray, hurray savor the day!

  • Cheese The Queen tree nut cheeses

The Queen under the Christmas Pack


The 3 Cheese The Queen's moods beautifully captured by Statera Life (health blogger and nutritionist). Pure probiotic in gourmet shape! All hail the Queen! Hurray, hurray! Thank you Statera Life!

  • Soul Weekend Bazaar

The Christmas Bazaar: Queen’s presents on the way!


Once upon a time (today) not so far away... The Queen decided to celebrate Christmas with her friends, family, and followers. By the light of the moon, she prepares to spread love, cheer, and cheese... To all willing to lend an ear... and a taste-bud. She's ready to share the gift of probiotics, gourmet tree nut cheeses and a healthy gut. All she is waiting for is you at Soul Weekend Bazar Christmas Edition | Dec. 9-10th | Live and love happily ever after this Christmas, with Cheese The Queen!

  • Cheese The Queen Christmas Pack

Last Christmas, she gave you her cheese…the Queen’s triple pack comes this year!


Last Christmas, she gave you her cheese (tree nut cheese, of course). It's the very next year, and she's still the bee's knees. Cheese The Queen believes that giving is better than getting, which is why she wants to give you all the taste, double the fun, and triple the cheese. Our Christmas package with 3 cheeses is available from December signed with Love from the Queen. Find it at So Bazaar Christmas Edition, Soul Weekend Christmas Bazaar, Parallel43, Restaurant Soul Kitchen and live happily ever after this Christmas!

  • The Soul Weekend Bazaar or products for the soul! The Queen will be there!

The Soul Weekend Bazaar or products for the soul! The Queen will be there!


The Queen is preparing for the Soul Weekend Bazaar at Restaurant Soul Kitchen July | 29-30! 200 pure probiotic & gorgeously fermented tree nut cheeses are getting ready to meet you and we will be at the best company of drink.food.care and music selection. The Queen loves all good stuff your body will naturally choose! All hail the Queen and the delicious food for the body&soul!

  • Vegan cheese platter Queen’s way, please

Vegan cheese platter Queen’s way, please


From today you can indulge yourself with Cheese The Queen cultured tree nut cheese platter at Restaurant Soul Kitchen. We celebrate with a special night of wine, life music and pure probiotic bliss! Join us and indulge yourself, the Queen believes you deserve it!

  • SoBazaar at Soho Sofia - Вера Тинкова. Cheese the Queen Български производител на ядково веган сирене с пробиотична закваска и гурме вкус

SoBazaar at Soho Sofia


This weekend 27&28 of May we will be waiting for you with fabulously fermented, rich and full of flavor probiotic bliss at the Green edition of SoBazaar at Soho. Three of the Queen’s tantalizing tree nut cheese moods Classc for the perfect breakfast, Green for the wild and yet fresh afternoons, and Yellow for an inspiring night-time kick of a taste. Hurray, hurray!