Whenever the holidays approach, we think of delicious food, shared with the favourite people.

Did you notice how, when people are sharing a dish, it brings people together even more?

We invite you to share great taste with this fondue recipe with Cheese the Queen. The 100% plant content brings great joy even during fasting.

You need a fondue that will heat up and stay hot for a long time. You also need fantasy to choose the foods for immersions. They can be countless:

• Crispy bread, crackers or chips: When selecting bread, cut into large cubes and bake for 2-3 minutes to avoid breaking soft bread in the fondue
• boiled potatoes, preferably small and of course not over baked
• broccoli, cauliflower
• Baked Brussels sprouts, asparagus
• fresh radishes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes
• hot peppers for the bravest, but be very careful!

for 4 – 6 people
2 Cheese the Queen Classic
½ Cheese the Queen Turmeric
3/4 glass of water / if you prefer lighter sauce, the water should be more /
1 glass of white wine Riesling / Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay
20 ml of gin
1 – 2 garlic clove
1 tsp mustard
Upon your wish:

Remove the green part from the middle of the garlic.

Cut 2 pieces of Cheese the Queen Classic and ½ Cheese the Queen Turmeric & Smoky Paprika. This gives the sauce a wonderful yellow color. Mix with water, mustard and salt as needed with a blender.
Heat the hot plate, put the wine and gin in the pot and add the sauce after a few minutes.
Stir. The alcohol evaporates. It should be stirred for 5-10 minutes until a perfect consistency is achieved.
You can season to your taste with nutmeg or pepper.

Vegan Fondue Cheese the Queen

Vegan Fondue Cheese the Queen

Put the fondue in the middle of the table.

From time to time, stir the dish and enjoy the wonderful taste!

If you accidentally have left overs, store it in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Other recipes and new inspirations can be found in our blog!

Enojy your meal!

Happy holidays!
Cheese the Queen