The New Generation of Delicacy!

“All is fair in love and superfood” – Cheese the Queen

There’s nothing wrong with being „cheesy“. In fact, we’re 100% cheesy all. The. Time!
We are probiotic, gourmet, stuffed-with-nuts cheesy. With a dash of love and cruelty-free passion. Everyone is a little nutty, but not everyone can be 100%-aged-to-perfection-nutty, and cheesy.

Know what we mean?
We are THAT cheesy, and THAT nutty.

All our products are:

Okay, you get it. We’re super cheesy…

BG-BIO-16 EU/Non-EU-Agriculture

Yo! What’s so “Grate” About This Superfood?

Cheese the Queen is not simply a dairy-free delicacy. It’s a plethora of sensory delight, an expression of your intricate taste buds, it’s a way of life!

Our products are delicious expressions of unique artisanal fermented 100%-cashew infused gourmet while inspiring a healthier, conscious lifestyle. We guarantee you’ve never had quite the plant-based experience that we provide. Our products ignite your taste buds and give you a healthy experience like you’ve never experienced before.

Our factory is as dope as our high-protein delicacies, with authentic production methods and hand- made perfection. We even test all of our products in our laboratory to make sure everything is naturally matured and fully loaded with live cultures.

Unlike humans, the more our products age, the stronger, healthier, and tastier they get. So, you can just call it “The Immortal Queen of Superfood” or “Super Cheeeze.”

Hop on-board and join the food evolution.

Cheese the Queen is fully committed to the overall health and wellness of our planet, which is why we produce superfoods that are organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, free-from, better-for-you, and all-natural. Consuming these products means so much more than just filling a gap in your tummy – you are automatically entering into a new way of healthier, ecological, nutritious living.

At Cheese the Queen, we’ve reinvented the way you eat nuts – 100% cashew nuts – to be exact. While most people eat nuts raw or baked, we age and ferment them, which makes them healthier and easier to digest!

Grill your highly-nutritional superfood delicacy for a pleasantly different taste experience, eat it raw for a fermented undertone while reaping the benefits of the live cultures, or bake it for a nutty taste experience.

Experience our new ways of indulgence while having planet Earth’s back. We use fermented and aged cashews to make the whole process even more Vitamin Cheesy! Besides – being healthy is totally the new “in thing.”

Enter a new way of gourmet.

Bulgarian tradition mixed with modern safety and production result in a product that dreams are made of. Your tummy will make cheese-angels with every bite!

What’s the deal?

We provide you with an amazing, easy-to-digest, high in protein, natural product containing live cultures. You sit back, close your eyes, and feast your taste buds on superfood perfection.

Want to mix it up a little? Why not buy one of each flavor to create a platter of yumminess? Or, indulge in a delicate snack alone and hide it away from any snack-predator raiding the kitchen. The choice is yours! The point is, Cheese the Queen’s superfood delicacies go down well with any occasion. It can be a starter, main course, or even a salty dessert.

Need a nutrition pick-me-up? Let the pro(biotics) sort you out. Think of it as “nitro for your brain,” or a “lean, mean, protein machine”. Take the junk out of your trunk and replace it with a superfood delicacy that’s totes extra – or whatever the kids call it these days. No preservatives, no problem!

Sink your teeth into a product that is enchanting, healthy, and oh so environmentally-friendly. On a serious note, Cheese the Queen cares about the Earth and all of its inhabitants. We are committed to using 100% plant-based ingredients to create products that are out of this world in richness and nutrition. From pre-production to the very last bite that enters your mouth.

Give yourself a pat on the back for choosing a superfood delicacy that is enriched with vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics. The only preservation here, is of planet Earth.

Is your mouth watering yet? Ours is! Once you’ve had a bite, you’ll have no choice but to finish it all or savor it for later. Seriously, we wouldn’t kid about something as serious as this superfood delicacy.

Hook yourself up with Cheese the Queen to experience handmade love, passion, and care. Enjoy it with your favorite wine, take a quick bite on a busy day, show your friends and family your new-found superfood at parties, or take it with you on your trips around the world! It’s super-stable and carriable which ensures you’ve got your energy pick-me-up whenever you need it.

The Queen’s products

Superfood Delicacies from fermented aged cashews


Royal superfood delicacies handcrafted from fermented and aged cashews enriched with vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics. Indulge in a spectacular taste experience while supercharging your health. Oh, and it’s high in protein too 18g per pack with easy to digest nutritional content. A natural production process means no preservatives or junk you can’t pronounce.


Веган сирене Био зрял деликатес от ферментирали ядки кашу Класик

Keep it real with the classic flavors of fermented cashew nuts. This flexible superfood delicacy is full of surprises. Consume it raw for a probiotic punch with fermented sour notes. Grill it for a new taste experience with a full nutty profile. She’ll lift your spirits even if you’ve only got 5 minutes to spare. Cool, huh?

We hope you enjoy eating this Superfood Delicacy just as much as we enjoyed making it especially for you. It’s just the right amount of “extra” – easy on the tummy and nutritious. No fluff, no pretense. Dig in, yo.


Веган сирене Био зрял деликатес от ферментирали ядки кашу Зелен Пипер

Spicy on top. Chivey within. That’s the way (uh-huh uh-huh) we like it (uh-huh-uh- huh). Bold spices and flavors are enough to make anyone’s day, even if your boss is driving you to wine at nine. In the morning (cough). Dig into this Green Pepper delight and feel your worries melt away! You’re welcome.

Did you know that green pepper is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants? It can even improve your eye health. We can see clearly. Can you? Enjoy your daily dose of plant-based goodness!


Веган сирене Био зрял деликатес от ферментирали ядки кашу Куркума

We’re no Einstein, but we know enough science to see that turmeric can rock, roll, and heal any ailment – almost like magic. This bold spice is smoky and sweet, giving you full permission to flick your hair in slow-mo, baby.

Like you, we care about real food that tastes great and brings new experiences all day err’ day. Enjoy this Turmericy piece of heaven on Earth. You’ll be on Santa’s nice list all year around!


Cheese the Queen cashew cheese Truffle

This tantalizing superfood delicacy needs no introduction. She’s the diamond in the rough and the gem of your kitchen, bringing with her Mother Nature’s Earthiest flavors and most pungent aromas.

Some say she’s too much to handle, but we know you can deal with her overwhelming flavor sensations. This is THE vegan superfood that’s been missing in your life, so sit down, dig in, and enjoy. You’re welcome.


Cheese the Queen Black Garlic Cheese

The best things in life are revealed when you dare to cross over to the dark side. Black velvet in that little boy’s smile. Black and gold. Black coffee. Black panther. Black Garlic is no different, igniting a flavor evolution that transforms this mouthwatering superfood delicacy from white to black.

A painstaking fermentation and ripening process is to thank, bringing all the flavor and power of garlic – without the stink. One bite, and you’ll feel the antioxidants coursing through your body, fighting bad cholesterol and aiding better digestion. All in a day’s work for black garlic.

So, What’s the Story

The „Nuts“ Behind the Nutrition

Cheese the Queen strives to be your number one healthy, delicious, environmentally-conscious superfood product. That is exactly the mindset of Vera Tinkova, the genius behind these delicacies who has always had a passion for food and a holistic lifestyle. Vera thrives on self-care, which she introduces into Cheese the Queen’s products. All of this happened after a life of plane-hopping and taste-busting of several global cuisines and raw food academies.

And THAT is when Cheese the Queen made its delicious appearance into this world. Something out of this world was created – a product stuffed with probiotic benefits and protein, bursting with unique, rich flavors – without any lactose content. Cheese the Queen’s vision is to continue producing a 100% plant-based, fermented cashew-filled, probiotic and herby superfood.
Each nut in the center of each delight is hand-made to perfection whilst incorporating the authentic Bulgarian tradition of fermentation.

Healthy gourmet tastes inspire us to make new superfood inventions on a regular basis. We care about your taste buds as much as we do about the planet. We encourage healthy living and making the Earth smile, one healthy bite at a time.

We dunno what you’re into, but the fact that you’re on this website means you’re on the right side of the superfood-track! WELCOME, and ENJOY.

Hey, I’m in! Where Can I find This Stuff?

Hook yourself up with some Cheese the Queen in Bulgaria, Austria, and Germany. Watch out! We’re expanding – more locations available soon.

Oh-so hungry, but live oh-so far? No problem! We’ll bring the superfood explosion to you.
Pick up the snack, dial our number, and we’ll deliver your delicious phone… Kidding! Drop by our online store here, and we’ll drop you some superfood. You’re welcome.

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