So, What’s the Story?
The „Nuts“ Behind the Nutrition

CHEESE THE QUEEN strives to be your number one healthy, delicious, environmentally-conscious superfood product.

That is exactly the mindset of Vera Tinkova, the brilliance behind these delicacies who has always had a passion for food and a holistic lifestyle.

Vera thrives on self-care and planetary well-being, which she introduces into CHEESE THE QUEEN’s products. All of this happened after a life of plane-hopping and taste-busting of several global cuisines, deep diving in nutrition and completing the most renowned raw food academies in the world.

And THAT is when CHEESE THE QUEEN made its delicious appearance into this world. Something out of this world was created – a product stuffed with probiotic benefits and protein, bursting with unique, rich flavors – without any lactose content. CHEESE THE QUEEN’s vision is to continue producing a 100% plant-based, fermented cashew-filled, probiotic and herby superfood.

Each nut in the center of each delight is hand-made to perfection whilst incorporating the authentic Bulgarian tradition of fermentation.

Healthy gourmet tastes inspire us to make new superfood inventions on a regular basis. We care about your taste buds as much as we do about the planet. We encourage healthy living and making the Earth smile, one healthy bite at a time.

Our factory is as dope as our high-protein delicacies, with authentic production methods and hand- made perfection. And more, our factory is build in an ex-cow farm because we believe in evolution and new ways to indulge in the joy of food without harming the planet and its inhabitants! We test all of our products in our laboratory to make sure everything is naturally matured, fully loaded with live cultures and totally organic.

We dunno what you’re into, but the fact that you’re on this website means you’re on the right side of the superfood-track! WELCOME, and ENJOY.