Gluten-free tabouleh with CHEESE THE QUEEN GREEN PEPPER

Who doesn't need super vitamin-rich food?

Here you go, fresh salad and not just any, but our gluten-free, enriched with proteins and Probiotics variation of Tabouleh. A healthy menu for every day.

The green version of CHEESE THE QUEEN WITH GREEN PEPPER and chives has a spicy aftertaste and can be wonderfully combined with all green herbs and foods, in this case also with an additional dose of parsley for vitamin C and a beneficial effect of the high nutritional content of the peppermint. Hemp seeds as add to the superfood content. They are very rich in protein, especially when consumed raw. Therefore, this salad is also very suitable for all sportive natures.

2 tsp Hemp seeds
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lemon
1/4 tbsp salt
½ tea cucumbers
½ cup of tomatoes
½ cup of peppermint
1 cup of parsley

Cut the parsley, season with lemon, salt and olive oil, mix with the hemp seeds.
Cut on dices the cucumbers and tomatoes. Mix all together. .
Arrange in a nice plate and decorate with Cheese the Queen and fresh mint.

Enjoy the variety of tastes and share it with your favourite people.

Good food is for sharing!

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