Cheese the Queen

TRUFFLE Box of 6 Aged Cashew Delicacies

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This tantalizing superfood delicacy needs no introduction. She’s the diamond in the rough and the gem of your kitchen, bringing with her Mother Nature’s Earthiest flavors and most pungent aromas.

Some say she’s too much to handle, but we know you can deal with her overwhelming flavor sensations. This is THE vegan superfood that’s been missing in your life, so sit down, dig in, and enjoy. You’re welcome.

We provide you with an amazing, easy-to-digest, high in protein, natural product containing live cultures. You sit back, close your eyes, and feast your taste buds on superfood perfection.

Indulge in a spectacular taste experience while supercharging your health.

So, what’s so amazing about IT?


🟠 HIGH PROTEIN - 18g per pack: perfect for training and active life
🟠 FERMENTED CASHEWS: easy to digest nutritional content
🟠 PROBIOTIC: for healthy microbiome
🟠 FIBER: one of the most important macro-nutrients that is required for healthy digestion helping the weight management
🟠 NATURAL PRODUCTION PROCESS: no preservatives or junk you can’t pronounce
🟠 UNPROCESSED ALIVE RAW FOOD: eat clean and reap the benefits, such as maintaining a healthy weight and vitality
🟠 SOURCE OF HEALTHY UNSATURATED FATS: including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated varieties, keeping you full and satisfied
🟠 RICH IN Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K
🟠 STABLE to travel with you anywhere: enjoy your healthy bite wherever needed
🟠 AGED: unlike humans, the more our products age, the stronger, healthier, and tastier they get. So, you can just call it “The Immortal Queen of Superfood” or “Super Cheeeze”
🟠 ORGANIC: our factory is organic certified and we produce only organic product from the best organic ingredients
🟠 100 % VEGAN: best of Mother Nature with care for the Earth and its inhabitants: good for you - good for the planet

🟠 WHY TRUFFLE: Truffles boast an impressive nutrient profile and are high in many important vitamins and minerals. They’re high in carbs, protein and fiber and contain both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as micronutrients , such as vitamin C, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron. Research also indicates that truffles may be a complete source of protein, providing all nine essential amino acids your body needs. Cool, huh? Truffles have been shown to contain antioxidants like lycopene, gallic acid and homogentisic acid which may help reduce your risk of chronic disease, decrease cancer cell growth and reduce inflammation. In addition to their stellar nutrient profile, truffles may also have antimicrobial properties that can help decrease the growth of specific strains of bacteria.

Could it be better?!

🟠 GRILL your highly-nutritional superfood delicacy for a pleasantly different taste experience

🟠 EAT IT RAW for a fermented undertone while reaping the benefits of the live cultures, or bake it for a nutty taste experience.